Blood Shed is now complete. Hoorah! We spent lots of time lovingly and carefully crafting this uniquely beautiful demon baby, ensuring that the creative forces behind the film are super dooper happy. The film hits festivals this Summer 2017, and will be made available to our Kickstarter backers for viewing soon.

Second, our trailer has just been unleashed! Here it is! Take a peek… If you dare! We hope this gives you an enticing, intriguing flavour of the tone, sound and look of the film. Enjoy!

For more information, check out the official Blood Shed website.

[Press Release] Blood Shed: Brand new short from the writer behind movies Severance, Cockneys vs Zombies, Tower Block crowdfunding from 27th February – 27th March!

16/02 – Moranic Productions announce today the crowdfunding campaign for a brand new 10-minute short film, BLOOD SHED, from award-winning genre favourites!


Jack loves a bargain. And he loves sheds. When he buys suspiciously cheap second-hand parts online to build his very own dream shed, he and long-suffering wife Helen find they’ve got more than they bargained for: a killer shed with an appetite for blood. As the body count rises, and the shed’s ferocious appetite grows, Jack is faced with a horrifying dilemma. A comedy horror about a man’s twisted love for his shed… that eats people.

Blood Shed is a dark and twisted but laugh out loud comedy, with a Creepshow-style look and sound, synthesizer music, LOTS of Evil Dead-style blood, and comic book panels. It’s a love letter to the 80s horror anthology style, while telling a bizarre new tale with a unique monster.

Storyboard art by Andy W. Clift

The team need to raise £10K to make this beautiful nightmare a reality, with a Kickstarter campaign live from 27th February – 27th March 2017. But they can’t do it without you! There are perks including signed goodies, exclusive extras and downloads, set visits, screening tickets, props, Executive Producer credits, writing workshops, script feedback, and even a piece of the shed!

The team’s pedigree…

Jame Moran photo by Michael Gill PhotographyJames Moran, co-writer and director, will already be familiar to many fans of the horror and comedy genre through his writing on the movies SeveranceCockneys vs Zombies and Tower Block, and internationally acclaimed TV shows such as Doctor WhoTorchwoodPrimeval and Spooks. His other work includes 5-time Streamy Award nominated web series Girl Number 9, and several short films which he wrote and directed, including the award-winning hit Crazy for You (Best Horror/Sci-Fi, Crystal Palace International Film Festival), starring Arthur Darvill and Hannah Tointon, which screened at huge festivals across the globe and is now part of an anthology feature film. The team’s latest hit web series, Mina Murray’s Journal won the Best Screenplay award at Dublin Web Fest 2016, and will soon screen at HollyWeb in Los Angeles.

Moran says, “I’ve always loved 80s horror, and I’m really excited to unleash our evil beast. For years, we’ve seen people getting killed in or near cabins and outhouses, but we’ve never seen a shed itself actually doing the killing – until now!”

Headshots-417Cat Davies, co-writer and producer of the film, has worked professionally in production since 2005 at the BBC, ITV and as a publishing executive at BBC Worldwide managing the release of some of the UK’s biggest comedy titles. Cat is an expert in making the most of every penny and managing productions end-to-end. Cat is also an award-winning filmmaker, with her last short Connie starring Catrin Stewart, playing the international festival circuit and currently nominated for a prestigious iHorror award in the US. Cat is co-founder of Moranic Productions, with James.

Davies says, “we are desperate to bring this unique tale to life to delight horror, comedy and classic monster fans. We have a great team behind the project, and a united passion for the styles that influenced the script and visuals. We really need your help to make this happen and shoot the film in late April. We cannot wait to share Blood Shed with the world.”

Ben Foster (Torchwood, Thunderbirds, Happy Valley, Our Girl, Scott & Bailey, Banana), a BAFTA-nominated composer, is on score duties and firing up the synths NOW!

Amazing cast and crew to be announced throughout the month-long campaign!

Perks include:

Signed goodies, exclusive extras and downloads, set visits, on screen appearances, screening tickets, props, Executive Producer credits, writing workshops, script feedback and even a piece of the shed! With STRETCH GOALS to be announced!

Target goal: £10K

Dates: 27th February – 27th March 2017 on Kickstarter

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#bloodshedfilm #nightofthelivingshed

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Connie, a comedy horror short film starring Catrin Stewart (Doctor Who, Stella) will have its WORLD PREMIERE at Horror Channel FrightFest 2016 on Saturday 27th August as part of the Short Film Showcase One at 1.10pm at The Vue Cinema, Shepherds Bush, London W12.

Selected as one of just twenty-six short films to be screened across the five-day festival, which is now in its seventeenth year, Connie is written and directed by Cat Davies (KEEN-wah) and produced by Davies and genre favourite James Moran (Severance, Cockneys Vs Zombies, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Spooks, Tower Block, Primeval). Connie is a playful homage to films like Child’s Play, Dead of Night, Magic, Puppet Master, Dead Silence and The Great Gabbo.

It is the story of Dolly Diggs, a would-be comedian who suffers from crippling stage fright. To overcome her fear, she plans to become a ventriloquist and thinks she’s found just the puppet to help – Connie. After buying Connie on a super speedy internet auction, she realises Connie is no ordinary puppet. Connie is bold, brassy, sassy and a sequinned killer under two feet tall. She is a living doll.


Both roles are skilfully played by the sensational Catrin Stewart, who had to play both characters simultaneously. Stewart said: “The fact that it was going to be a challenge is what drew me to Connie, playing two characters at the same time, and I’ve never worked with a puppet before, or been in a film of this genre. I really liked the script, thought it was funny and well-written and natural to act.”

The film also features a special guest appearance by critic, broadcaster and author Kim Newman, a horror guru and favourite of FrightFest.

On writing the script, Davies commented: “I love doll and dummy films, but there was a distinct lack of female puppets and ventriloquists, with so few exceptions to the rule. I wanted to create a strong female-centric story, playing on the codes and conventions of these films, but adding an extra dimension with the elements of competitive female friendships, catty bitch fighting over stage time and men, and the sense of motherly guidance imparted from Connie to Dolly. Connie isn’t just a master manipulator, she’s the tough mother who gives with one hand and takes with another.

Most of all, I wanted to turn this subgenre on its head and makes the audience laugh. As a former stand-up, I know the pressures well and wanted to give a voice to those who suffer from crippling self-doubt and stage fright. The comedic elements of the film are influenced by my childhood favourites Woody Allen, Don Rickles, Joan Rivers and Jackie Mason.”

Connie is the very first film from Moranic Productions, the new joint venture from the filmmaking pair, with a slate of projects in development. Moran said: “I’m delighted to have edited and co-produced this fantastic short written & directed by Cat. It’s funny, sad, surreal, and demented, a bit like life, if life included evil puppets. Connie is our beautiful, mutant baby, and we couldn’t be more proud to unleash her on you.”

Davies said: “FrightFest is like Christmas for me. I’ve discovered so many great shorts and films there and I can’t wait for Frightfesters to discover Connie. It’s a film that I hope gives pause for thought about identity, female friendship, self-discovery and puppets… Filthy, felt-mouthed, foul-mouthed puppets.

Screening details:

Horror Channel FrightFest – Short Film Showcase One, Saturday 27th August, Discovery Screen One, 1.10pm, at The Vue Cinema, Shepherds Bush, London W12

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