She’s nobody’s puppet…

A multi award-winning comedy horror short film with a foul-mouthed, loud-mouthed, felt-mouthed star.

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STILL Connie Dream1.png

Starring Catrin Stewart (Doctor Who, Stella) as Dolly & Connie

Special guest appearance by Kim Newman as himself

Written & Directed by Cat Davies

Produced by James Moran & Cat Davies



“Genuinely hilarious”

“Really unsettling”

“Cat Davies… has a fantastic grasp on how to get under the audience’s skin”

“We’re used to the Chucky’s of the genre invoking the fear, but with this new female focus, Connie is a force to be reckoned with, and so is Cat Davies.”

***Starburst Magazine***

“Make sure you catch Connie, it’s a pleasant surprise and showcases a talent worth keeping an eye on. 8/10”


“Funny, creepy, clever and surprisingly affecting, Connie is a wonderful tribute to creepy doll classics while managing to be something all of its own” 

 Awards, Nominations and Special Mentions


HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival – Best Actress
International Horror Hotel 2017 – Honourable Mention Award
GenreBlast Film Festival – Funniest Short Film


iHorror Awards 2017 – Best Short
Nightmares Film Festival – Best Screenplay (Short)
Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival – Best Sick Chick Flick, Best Female Lead
Unrestricted View Film Festival – Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Actress
GenreBlast Film Festival – Best Actress Short Film, The DIYFS for Best Female Writer/Director – Short Film

Special Mentions:

From Dusk Til Con’s Top 10 Shorts of 2016
iHorror’s Top 11 Scariest Shorts of 2017

Festivals & Screenings

Horror Channel FrightFest, London, UK – August 2016
Nightmares Film Festival, Ohio, USA – October 2016
Crystal Palace International Film Festival, London, UK – October 2016
Ax Wound Film Festival, Vermont, USA – November 2016
Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival, North Carolina, USA – November 2016
Morbido Film Fest, Mexico City, Mexico – November 2016
Women in Horror, Dublin, Ireland – February 2017
Women In Horror, London, UK – February 2017
HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival, Ohio, USA – March 2017
Unrestricted View Film Festival, London, UK – April 2017
Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle, USA – May 2017
Final Girls Berlin Film Festival, Berlin, Germany – June 2017
International Horror Hotel 2017, Ohio, USA – June 2017
Horror Writers Association, Derby, UK – August 2017
Long Beach Indie International Film, Media and Music Festival 2017, California, USA – August 2017
Slaughter Movie House, Missouri, USA – September 2017
GenreBlast Film Festival, Virginia, USA – September 2017
FilmQuest 2017, Utah, USA – September 2017
Shawna Shea Memorial Film Festival, Massachusetts, USA – October 2017
SFIndie’s Another Hole in the Head Film Festival 2017, California, USA – October 2017
Philly Loves Fear, Pennsylvania, USA – November 2017
Horror Show Hot Dog Short Film Festival at Twin Cities Horror Festival, Minneapolis, USA – November 2017
Etheria World Tour Selection – playing internationally throughout 2017/18
Starburst International Film Festival, Manchester, UK – March 2018
The Golden Skull Film Festival, Glasgow, UK – September 2018
SKIRTS Film Festival, South Africa – September 2018